Becky Ross

On air


I’m a native of Colorado, and I actually got into radio by accident. After high school (Green Mountain High School in Lakewood – Go Rams!), I was accepted to Colorado State University and Kansas State University as a pre-vet major. I was a new Christian and hungry to learn about the Lord, and I chose K-State because there is a Christian college across the street. Manhattan Christian College (M.C.C) has a relationship with K-State where students can take prerequisites there and transfer them to the university. I was required to do Christian service at M.C.C., but I arrived on campus late and all of the service projects were all signed up for. The only service project that had an opening was KMCC, the college radio station. I had terrible mic fright, but figured I could get by pushing buttons and spinning discs. On the last day of the semester, my advisor called to inform me that if I didn’t say something on the air, he was going to flunk me. In order to pass the semester, I had to pass Christian service, so I ripped and read a weather forecast with trepidation. These days, sometimes I feel like, “Help! I’m talking and I can’t shut up!”

Even from those early days in radio, I have seen so many instances where God takes what we do into the lives of people who desperately need help and hope. He knows who they are, and where they are, and only He can reach them. As a new Christian, I saw it as miraculous! From then on, I wanted to serve Him in that way. I learned in college that serving God is not as much about your ability as it is about your availability. We put the music and message out there, and He does the rest. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about that.

I started here at KPOF in 2002. I love listening with you in the afternoons, but my favorite thing is getting to hear from and meet so many wonderful listeners. I love seeing us all working together as a team to fulfill the mission. It’s one big, happy family!

When I’m not radioing, I love spending time in the beautiful Colorado outdoors, hiking, fishing, and walking my dogs, Tucker and Samson.